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OptiExpert™ is an essential tool for your practice, designed to speed up contact lens selection, save you time and make your patient’s experience better than ever.


OptiExpert™ is a free, multifunctional app offering a number of handy features: a digital version of the Efron Grading Scales, easy-to-use Multifocal and Toric Calculators and Oxygen Profiles displaying the oxygen transmissibility relevant to a selected contact lens design and prescription.

App Features

Efron Grading Scales

Efron Grading Scales enable quick and easy consultation of the 16 anterior ocular complications of contact lens wear, complete with accompanying texts; compare patient conditions and maintain accurate and ongoing records.

Toric Calculator

The Toric Calculator provides an efficient way to calculate and evaluate the recommended diagnostic toric contact lens for your astigmatic patient.

Multifocal Calculator

The Multifocal Calculator makes the fitting process for presbyopic patients simpler and more efficient – helping you select lenses quickly and save chair time.

Oxygen Profiles

Oxygen Profiles provide credible clinical support to aid upgrading discussions and offer a clear visual demonstration of the level of oxygen transmissibility provided by a silicone hydrogel contact lens in comparison to relevant products from other manufacturers.

Where to download

Available on the App Store and Google Play for use on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile and tablet devices.