Help your patients see past their ocular allergies

Many of your contact lens patients have to deal with seasonal allergies. A study found that many ocular allergy sufferers who switched to daily disposable contact lenses reported improved comfort 1.

More beneficial for eye health

  • By prescribing daily disposable contact lenses, your patients wear fresh, clean lenses every day - helping to minimise the allergic response
  • Eye health problems associated with lens deposits are virtually eliminated

More convenience and comfort

  • No lens solutions or care regimen required
  • Comfort is a key consideration for your patients
  • Proclear® 1 day contact lenses utilise PC Technology™ for all-day comfort
1Source: ‘An Evaluation of 1-Day disposable Contact Lens Wearers in a Population of Allergy Sufferers’ Hayes V, Schnider C, Veys J. Contact Lens & Anterior Eye June 2003>